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Curiosity drives my love for learning and problem solving.

My work shifted from “graphic designer” to “web designer” over 10 years ago and with this, I discovered I love doing research.  Every client challenged me with some new feature they needed on their site.  This caused me to learn how to customize and to make the sites as intuitive to use as possible for all the different needs users had.  I decided to take a UX Design class and absolutely loved it!  Research is such a huge important factor in UX Design, so I was thrilled to find that researching, mixed with interviewing users, would be the things I would be doing on the job.

I have collaborated with other designers, developers, digital marketers, website conversions experts, copywriters, photographers and video producers throughout my years working in agencies and freelancing.  I prefer working with a team, I think it makes for better design, but I have no problem working independently too.

I have US and UK citizenship, and am fluent in English and Spanish.

If you are looking for a team member who is committed, responsible, a problem solver and thorough with excellent communication and interpersonal skills, I would love to be a member on your team.